Canal Status is an app I regularly maintain for checking the Welland Canal bridge statuses and is available on iOS, Android and in your browser.

Mario Kart Double Deck is a CS:GO Map replica the Mario Kart 64 map.

Roll Up The Rim Tracker is an unofficial app and website I made a while ago for keeping track of your wins and losses for the Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim contest. It was available on Android.

Onwords is a word search game available for Android and iOS.

The Ludum Dare #33 theme was "You are the monster". I created a 2D space sim where you, as a monster / robot, fly around landing on planets and destroying them! The source can be found on my gitlab hosting. And it can be played over on

GoGUI is something that I whipped up while working with Ogre and the Gorilla UI library. It is a small wrapper and tutorial for getting started.