Tom Koole

Software Developer

Career Experience

Northern Digital Inc.

2018 to Present - Systems and Integration Specialist

Core responsibility includes the deployment and integration of NDI technologies into customer applications, finding the best solutions combining both products to solve customer problem definitions. Other responsibilities include the development of sample code in various languages and product demo applications using the Unity engine. Notable development contributions to the controller tracking product Atraxa include creating a SteamVR device driver, a standalone Android HMD platform device implementation, and a cross-device log-and-playback framework for debugging tracking issues during development, and supporting the integration of Atraxa into the Pico Neo 2.

TouchBase Mail

2015 to 2018 - Software Engineer

Full stack development of an email service provider created by GuestServe. Development and design of scalable features including subscription filtering, workflows, tracking, and analytics.

Niagara College Research & Innovation

2014 to 2015 - Programmer / Research Associate
2009 to 2014 - Programmer / Research Assistant

Programming and Analysis for a range of projects including GIS development for farming, audio / video quality assurance and weather mapping software. Lead software developer on PrAgMatic, LandMapr and the Global Farm Manager projects.

Self Employed

2008 to 2018 - Programmer

Website, Mobile and 3D application development. Developer of the Welland Canal Status apps.

Professional Skills


C++, C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, SQL

Software Tools

GitLab & CI, IntelliJ, Unity3D, CMake, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Android Studio

Project Showcase

Welland Canal Status

Canal Status is an app I regularly maintain for checking the Welland Canal bridge statuses and is available on iOS, Android and in your browser.

Mario Kart - CS:GO Map

A replica of the Mario Kart 64 Map Double Deck created in the valve Hammer Editor for Arms Race mode.

Personal Interests

Photography, Board Games, SciĀ­Fi Literature, Badminton, AI & Game Development

Personal Details


Waterloo Region, ON, Canada


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